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Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas 2
Part of the Iran–Iraq War
Date January 15–22, 1988
Location Qomish-Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
Result Decisive Iranian victory
Flag of Iraq (1963–1991); Flag of Syria (1963–1972).svg Iraq Flag of Iran.svg Iran
Casualties and losses
5400 killed, wounded, captured not mentioned

Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas-2 was an offensive in the Iran–Iraq War that was started by Iran with the code of Ya-Zahra (s.a.) by the command of Sepah in Qomish-Sulaymaniyah axis (in Iraq) on January 15, 1988. During and at the end of this operation, Iran succeeded as the decisive winner of that.[1][2]


The operation which was started in cold days in winter in order to liberate the highlands of the west of Maoot city in Iraq, led to liberation of more than 40 highlands as well as several villages in region, among Oral, Golalah, Harmadan, Bein-Dora, Sheikh-Muhammad and Yulan. There doesn’t seem to be any mentioned statistics about the casualties of Iranians, but there were high casualties and losses for Iraqis, including 5400 killed, wounded, captured.[2][3][4]


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