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Operation Blackstone was a part of Operation Torch, Allied landings in Africa during World War II. This supporting mission was the American capture of the French port of Safi in French Morocco on the morning of 8 November 1942 as part of a larger operation to capture Casablanca in Morocco. The unit responsible for the operation was the US 47th Infantry Regiment.


Safi Landing Site and Battle Locations

The landings from converted destroyers were mostly successful. They were initially conducted without covering fire, hoping that the French might not resist at all. When coastal batteries opened fire, the fleet returned fire. When commanding General Harmon arrived French snipers had pinned the assault troops (most of whom were in combat for the first time) on the beaches. Most of the landings occurred behind schedule; air support from the carriers destroyed a French convoy of trucks intended to reinforce the defenses.

Safi surrendered on the afternoon of November 8. By November 10 the remaining defenders were pinned down and the bulk of Harmon's forces raced to join the siege of Casablanca. The Vichy French soldiers surrendered.

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