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This is the order of battle for the ground forces involved in Operation Crusader, a World War II battle between the British Commonwealth and the European Axis Powers of Germany and Italy in North Africa between 18 November – 30 December 1941.

British and Commonwealth Forces[]

Commander-in-Chief Middle East Command: General Claude Auchinleck

British Eighth Army[]

Lieutenant-General Alan Cunningham, succeeded on 26 November by Lieutenant-General Neil Ritchie

XXX Corps[]

Lieutenant-General Willoughby Norrie

XIII Corps[]

Lieutenant-General Reade Godwin-Austen

Tobruk Fortress[]

Major-General Ronald Scobie

Oasis Force[]

Brigadier Denys Reid
  • 29th Indian Infantry Brigade
  • 6th South African Armoured Car Regiment

Army Reserve[]

German and Italian forces[]

Supreme Commander North Africa: General Ettore Bastico

Italian Mobile Army (XX) Corps[]

Lieutenant-General Gastone Gambara
  • 132 Armoured Division Ariete (General Mario Balotta)
    • 132nd Armoured Regiment
      • VII Tank Battalion
      • VIII Tank Battalion
      • IX Tank Battalion
    • 32nd Light Armoured Regiment
    • 8th Bersaglieri Regiment (Motorised)
    • 132nd Artillery Regiment
  • 101 Motorised Division Trieste
    • 65th Infantry Regiment
    • 66th Infantry Regiment
    • 9th Bersaglieri Regiment
    • 21st Artillery Regiment
  • RECAM (Reconnaissance Unit of the Mobile Army Corps)

Panzer Group Afrika[]

General der Panzertruppe Erwin Rommel

German Afrika Korps[]

Generalleutnant Ludwig Crüwell
  • 15th Panzer Division (Generalmajor Walter Neumann-Silkow until 6 December (killed in action), then Generalmajor Gustav von Vaerst)
    • 8th Panzer Regiment
    • 115th Infantry Regiment
    • 33rd Artillery Regiment
  • 21st Panzer Division (Generalmajor Johann von Ravenstein until 29 November (prisoner of war), then Generalmajor Karl Böttcher)
    • 5th Panzer Regiment
    • 104th Infantry Regiment
    • 155th Artillery Regiment
  • Special Purpose Division Afrika (Renamed 90th Light Africa Division from 28 November 1941) (Generalmajor Max Sümmermann until 10 December (killed in action), then Generalmajor Richard Veith)
    • 155th Infantry Regiment
    • 361st Infantry Regiment
  • 55th North African Infantry Division 'Savona' (General Fedele de Giorgis)
    • 15th Infantry Regiment
    • 16th Infantry Regiment
    • 12th Artillery Regiment

Italian XXI Corps[]

Lieutenant-General Enea Navarrini



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