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Operation Overlord was the allied invasion of Normandy in France during World War II. It began the allied liberation of a Western Europe occupied by the Germans. Operation Overlord was begun by Operation Neptune(AKA the Normandy Landings or D-Day), the airborne and amphibous assault to gain a beachhead on Normandy.

Planning and PreparationEdit

Normandy was chosen because it was less well defended than other place along the French coast and was close enough to Britain to allow for air support from airfields in Britain. It also allowed for expansion into the rest of France. The ports of Normandy were heavily defended so the Mulberry Harbor was devised. This was a movable, concrete harbor that would allow for cargo to be unloaded to the beaches. PLUTO(Pipe Line Under The Ocean) was also developed in order to pump oil to the armies in France from Britain. The German Army knew an Allied invasion of Western Europe would be attempted but they didn't know where. So the allies employed Operation Bodyguard. This was designed to make the Germans believe that the invasion would come at a later date than planned and at somewhere else than Normandy and often outside of northern France. this would confuse the Germans and place their troops in multiple locations and away from Normandy.

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