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Operation Prairie IV
Part of the Vietnam War
DateApril 20, 1967 - May 17, 1967
Locationnorthern Leatherneck Square
Result Victory for the Marines
United States United States North Vietnam North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
Robert E. Cushman, Jr Vo Nguyen Giap
1/4, 1/9, 2/9 and 2/26 Marine Infantry Battalions 324B NVA Division
Casualties and losses
164 killed, 1,240 wounded (USMC account) 505 killed, 9 POW, unknown number wounded (USMC account)

Operation Prairie IV was an operation conducted by the United States Marine Corps in the area around Con Thien, South Vietnam known as Leatherneck Square from April 20, 1967 until May 17, 1967. During the course of the fighting Marine casualties were 164 killed 1,240 wounded while the NVA suffered 505 killed and 9 taken as prisoner of war.

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