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Operation Safraan
Part of South African Border War
Location Zambia
Operation Safraan is located in Zambia
Operation Safraan (Zambia)
Target Various PLAN bases
Date March 1979
duration 5 weeks

Operation Safraan was a series of South African Defence Force raids from the Caprivi Strip area during the South African Border War. On August 23, 1978 PLAN and the Zambian army shelled the small South African garrison town Katimo Mulilo in eastern Caprivi (Namibia). In March 1979, South African forces entered south-western Zambia attacking PLAN bases in retaliation for the shelling of Katimo Mulilo.[1] These bases were around Sinjembele and the Njinje forest,[2] were found to have been vacated but the facilities were destroyed disrupting future border infiltrations.[1] The raid into Zambia resulted in SWAPO being asked to leave the country.[2] Conducted on 7 March 1979 concurrently with Operation Rekstok; it followed Operation Reindeer and preceded Operation Sceptic.

The name means "saffron" in Afrikaans.

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Preceded by
Operation Reindeer
Battles and operations of the South African Border War
March 1979
Succeeded by
Operation Sceptic
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