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Operation Sultan 10
Part of Iran-Iraq War
Date 29 October 1980
Location Northern Iraq
Flag of Iran.svg Iran
Seal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.svg Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
Flag of Iraq (1963–1991); Flag of Syria (1963–1972).svg Iraq
Roundel of Iraq Iraqi Air Force
6 F-4 fighters,
2 F-14 fighters
3 Airtankers
4 Mig-23 fighters
Casualties and losses
No Casualties 2 Mig-21 fighters,
3 Mil Mi-8 helicopters(on ground)

Operation Sultan 10 (Persian: عملیات سلطان ١٠) is the name of an operation of the Iranian Air Force on 29 October 1980, the beginning of the first Persian Gulf War. In this operation six F-4E Phantom II from IRIAF's 32 and 33 Squadrons took part in an attack on the Al-Hurriah airbase near Mosul in Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

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