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Order of Blue Sky and White Sun
File:Order of Blue Sky and White Sun.jpg
Order of Blue Sky and White Sun with the Grand Cordon
Awarded by the Republic of China
Type Single-grade Grand Cordon
Eligibility Military personnel only
Awarded for Outstanding contributions to national defense
Status Last awarded 2009
Established 15 May 1929
First awarded 1930
Total awarded 209
Next (higher) Order of National Glory
Next (lower) Order of Precious Tripod
Order of Blue Sky and White Sun with Grand Cordon ribbon.png
Ribbon of the Order of the Blue Sky and White Sun

The Order of Blue Sky and White Sun with Grand Cordon is the Republic of China's second highest military award. Created in 1929, it is awarded for "outstanding contributions to national security under foreign invasion" and is second only to the Order of National Glory. The name and the design come from the Blue Sky with a White Sun symbol of the Republic of China and the Kuomintang.

Unlike many other ROC medals, Order of Blue Sky and White Sun comes only as a first class medal, without varying degrees of commendation; since 1981 it has been presented with the Grand Cordon, a very large ribbon, in this case a white ribbon with red and blue edges. Before that it came with a plain ribbon that is the smaller version of the modern grand cordon.

Notable recipients[]

  • Xie Jinyuan, for his defense of the Sihang Warehouse in Shanghai during WW2.
  • Hu Lian: Hu commanded 11th Division and defended western Hubei. This was fast way to offensive capital Chongqing for Japanese army, but Hu defeated them successfully.
  • Claire Lee Chennault, for his aid in defending China during World War II
  • Huang Baitao, for his campaign in Henan in 1948
  • Albert C. Wedemeyer, for his role in reorganizing the training of the Chinese army
  • Chen Qingkun (陳慶堃), for his leading role in the Breakout of Yangtze River 長江突圍 during the civil war in 1949

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