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This is the order of battle for both the Russian and German armies at the Battle of Tannenberg, August 17 to September 2, 1914.

Russian Northwestern Front[edit | edit source]

General Shilinski, Front Commander (not present)

Maj. Gen. Sir Alfred Knox, British Military Attache (attached to 2nd Army)

First Army[edit | edit source]

General Paul von Rennenkampf, Commander

Lt. Gen. Mileant, Chief of Staff

II Corps (transferred from the Second Army, 22 August) - General Scheidemann

26th Infantry Division

43rd Infantry Division

III Corps - General Jepantschin

25th Infantry Division

27th Infantry Division

IV Corps - General Aliew

30th Infantry Division

40th Infantry Division

XX Corps - General Smirnow

28th Infantry Division

29th Infantry Division


56th Infantry Division

  • 221st Roslav Infantry Regiment
  • 222nd Krasnan Infantry Regiment
  • 223rd Odoev Infantry Regiment
  • 224th Yukhnov Infantry Regiment
  • 73rd Artillery (Reserve) Brigade

5th Rifle Brigade

1st Guard Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Kasnakow

  • 1st Brigade
    • Chevalier Guard Regiment
    • Guard Cavalry Regiment
  • 2nd Brigade
    • Guard Cuirassier Regiment of the Emperor
    • Guard Cuirassier Regiment of Empress Marie

2nd Guard Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Rauch

  • 1st Brigade
    • Guard Horse Grenadier Regiment
    • Guard Ulan Regiment of the Empress
  • 2nd Brigade
    • Guard Dragoon Regiment
    • Guard Hussar Regiment of the Emperor

1st Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Romeiko-Gurko

2nd Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Chan Hussein Nachitschewanski

3rd Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Belgard

1st Independent Cavalry Brigade

  • 19th Dragoons
  • 16th Hussars
  • 3rd Horse Battery

1st Heavy Artillery Brigade

Second Army[edit | edit source]

General Alexander Samsonov, Commander

Maj. Gen. Postowski, Chief of Staff

I Corps - General Artamanov, relieved on August 28

- Lt. Gen Duschkewitsch

22nd Infantry Division

24th Infantry Division

VI Corps - General Blagowjeschtschenski

4th Infantry Division

16th Infantry Division

XIII Corps - Lt. Gen. Klujew

1st Infantry Division

36th Infantry Division

XV Corps - General Martos

6th Infantry Division

8th Infantry Division

XXIII Corps - Genereral Kondratowitsch

3rd Guard Infantry Division

  • 1st Brigade
    • Guard Regiment Lithuania
    • Guard Regiment Kexholm - Colonel Sirelius
  • 2nd Brigade
    • Guard Regiment St. Petersburg
    • Guard Regiment Wolhyna

2nd Infantry Division


1st Rifle Brigade

4th Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Tolpygo

6th Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Roop

15th Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Ljudomirow

2nd Heavy Artillery Brigade

German Eighth Army[edit | edit source]

Colonel General Maximilian von Prittwitz, Commander, replaced on August 23
Colonel General Paul von Hindenburg, Commander

Maj. Gen. Erich Ludendorff, Chief of Staff
Maj. Gen. Grünert, Quartermaster General
Maj. Gen. Kersten, Chief Engineer
Lt. Col. Max Hoffmann, Chief of Operations

I Army Corps - General Hermann von François

1st Infantry Division - Lt. Gen. von Conta

1st Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. von Trotha
1st Grenadiers - Lt. Col. Eggerss
41st Infantry - Colonel Schönfeld
2nd Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Paschen
3rd Grenadiers - Colonel von Wedel
43rd Infantry - Colonel von Eisenhart-Rothe
1st Field Artillery Brigade - Maj. Gen. Moewes
16th Field Artillery - Colonel Bromeis
52nd Field Artillery - Colonel Hellwig
8th Uhlans - Lt. Col. Freiherr Schäffer von Bernstein

2nd Infantry Division - Lt. Gen. von Falk

3rd Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Mengelbier
4th Grenadiers - Colonel Stern
44th Infantry - Colonel von Löper
4th Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Böß
33rd Fusiliers - Lt. Col. Weicke
45th Infantry - Colonel Maaß

XVII Army Corps - General August von Mackensen

35th Infantry Division Lt. Gen. Hennig

70th Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Schmitt von Knobelsdorf
21st Infantry - Colonel Brunnemann
61st Infantry - Maj. Lüdecke
87th Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. von Hahn
141st Infantry - Lt. Col. von Steinkeller
176th Infantry - Maj. Runge
35th Field Artillery Brigade - Maj. Gen. Uhden
71st Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Hecht
81st Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Bertog
4th Mounted Rifles - Lt. Col. Freiherr von Lön

36th Infantry Division - Lt. Gen. von Heineccius

69th Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. von Engelbrechten
129th Infantry - Colonel Breßler
175th Infantry - Lt. Col. Schleenstein
71st Infantry Brigade - Colonel von Dewitz
5th Grenadiers - Colonel Freiherr von Eichendorff
128th Infantry - Colonel von Tresckow
36th Field Artillery Brigade - Maj. Gen. Hahndorff
36th Field Artillery - Maj. Waldeyer
72nd Field Artillery - Colonel von Rabenau
5th Hussars - Colonel Freiherr von Barnekow

XX Army Corps - General von Scholtz

37th Infantry Division - Lt. Gen. von Staabs

73rd Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Wilhelmi
147th Infantry - Colonel Ritzsch
151st Infantry - Colonel Dorsch
1st Jager Battalion - Maj. Weigelt
75th Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. von Böckmann
146th Infantry - Colonel von Heydebreck
150th Infantry - Colonel Küster
37th Field Artillery Brigade - Maj. Gen. Buchholz
73rd Field Artillery - Colonel Forst
82nd Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Plantier
11th Dragoons - Lt. Col. Maaß

41st Infantry Division - Maj. Gen. Sontag

72nd Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Schaer
18th Infantry - Colonel Mecke
59th Infantry - Colonel Sonntag
74th Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Reiser
148th Infantry - Colonel von der Osten
152nd Infantry - Colonel Geisler
41st Field Artillery Brigade - Maj. Gen. Neugebauer
35th Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Wilke
79th Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Marcus
10th Dragoons - Lt. Col. von Lewinski

I Reserve Corps - Lt. Gen. Otto von Below

1st Reserve Division - Lt. Gen. von Förster

1st Reserve Infantry Brigade - Ma. Gen. Barre
1st Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. von Sommerfeld und Falkenhayn
3rd Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. von Steuber
72nd Reserve Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Licht
18th Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Freiherr von Lützow
59th Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Modrow
1st Reserve Jager Battalion - Cpt. Mellin
1st Reserve Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Schulz

3rd Reserve Division - Lt. Gen. von Morgen

5th Reserve Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Hesse
2nd Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Rodig
9th Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Wobring
6th Reserve Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Krause
34th Reserve Infantry - Colonel Hein
49th Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Freiherr von Eberstein
3rd Reserve Field Artillery Maj. Erhardt
5th Reserve Dragoons - Maj. von Götz
1st Reserve Uhlans - Maj. Berner

36th Reserve Division - Maj. Gen. Kruge

69th Reserve Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Homeyer
21st Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Heyn
61st Reserve Infantry - Colonel Immanuel
2nd Reserve Jager Battalion - Cpt. Brückner
70th Reserve Infantry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Bett
5th Reserve Infantry - Lt. Col. Graf zu Reventlow
54th Infantry (detached from the 3rd Division at the outbreak of war) - Colonel von Tippelskirch
36th Reserve Field Artillery - Lt. Col. Lannert
1st Reserve Hussars - Maj. von Borcke

Höheres Landwehr Kommando No. 1 / 1st Landwehr Division - Lt. Gen. Georg Freiherr von der Goltz

33rd Mixed Landwehr Brigade - Maj. Gen. von Örtzen
75th Landwehr Infantry - Lt. Col. von Stwolinski
76th Landwehr Infantry - Lt. Col. Billig
34th Mixed Landwehr Brigade - Lt. Gen. von Pressentin
31st Landwehr Infantry - Lt. Col. von Lilienhoff-Zwowitzki
84th Landwehr Infantry - Colonel Becker
Landwehr Cavalry Regiment - Cpt. von Sydow

1st Cavalry Division - Lt. Gen. Brecht

1st Cavalry Brigade - Colonel von Glasenapp
3rd (East Prussian) Cuirassiers "Count Wrangel" - Lt. Col. von Lewinski
1st (Lithuanian) Dragoons "Prince Albrecht of Prussia" - Lt. Col. Graf von Kanitz
2nd Cavalry Brigade - Maj. Gen. Freiherr von Kapherr
12th (Lithuanian) Uhlans - Colonel von Below
9th Jäger zu Pferde - Lt. Col. von Koppelow
41st Cavalry Brigade - Maj. Gen. von Hofmann
5th (West Prussian) Cuirassiers "Duke Frederick Eugene of Württemberg" - Lt. Col. von Rex
4th (1st Pomeranian) Uhlans "von Schmidt" - Maj. Charisius

Other units in the field

Königsbergs Reserve - Lt. Gen. von Pappritz
Königsberg Fortress Division - Lt. Gen. Brodrück
Thorn Fortress Division - Lt. Gen. von Schmettau
Graudenz Fortress Division - Maj. Gen. Fritz von Unger
Lötzen Fortress Brigade - Colonel Busse
6th Landwehr Brigade - Maj. Gen. Kramer
70th Landwehr Brigade - Maj. Gen. Breithaupt


Posen Fortress Division
1st Landwehr Division
2nd Landwehr Brigade - Colonel Freiherr von Lupin

From the Western Front

XI Army Corps
22nd Division
38th Division
Guards Reserve Corps
3rd Guards Infantry Division
1st Guards Reserve Division

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