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The Luxembourg Military Merit Medal

The orders, decorations, and medals of Luxembourg have their foundation in the Duchy of Nassau. The top tier order of Luxembourg being the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau is the House Order of the House of Nassau. The next in the order of honours precedence is the Order of Adolphe of Nassau, was founded by Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, in 1858 while he was the last reigning Duke of Nassau.[1]


Military decorations[]

Luxembourg's 1944 Croix de guerre

Civil decorations[]

  • Badge of the Resistance
  • National Medal of Recognition
  • Medal of Merit for Blood Donation
  • Medal of Merit for Civil Defense
  • Service Cross for Customs Officers
  • Service Cross for Prison Guards
  • Service Cross for Water and Forest Officers

Commemorative medals[]

  • Golden Wedding Medal 1901
  • Commemorative Medal 1953
  • Jubilee Medal 1981 HRH Henri and Maria Teresa (referring to the matrimonial union of the then Hereditary Grand Duke (since 2000 reigning Grand Duke) and his wife.)


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