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Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck

Count Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck (5 January 1639 – 5 September 1688) was a Swedish military officer from Minden. He attained the rank of field marshal in 1676, commanded the Battle of Stralsund (1678), and became Governor General for Swedish Pomerania from 1679 to 1687. He was the son of Hans Christoff Königsmarck[1] and the brother of Conrad Christoff Königsmarck. He was also the uncle of Aurora Königsmarck, Amalia Wilhelmina Königsmarck, Philip Christoph Königsmarck and Carl Johan Königsmarck. Alongside Francesco Morosini, he led the Venetian conquest of the Morea in the early years of the Morean War, and died of the plague during the Siege of Negroponte (1688).


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