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[[Image:Ove gjedde.jpg|250px|thumb|Ove Gjedde, from J.P.Trap's "''Berømte danske mænd og kvinder (1867)''"]]
#REDIRECT [[Ove Gjedde]]
[[File:Fort Dansborg.JPG|thumb|250px|Fort Dansborg at [[Tranquebar]], built by Ove Gjedde]]
'''Ove Gjedde'''<ref>Also written '''Ove Gedde''' and '''Ove Giedde'''</ref> (27 December 1594 &ndash; 19 December 1660) was a [[Denmark|Danish]] nobleman and Admiral of the Realm (''Rigsadmiral''). He established the Danish colony at [[Tharangambadi]] (Danish: ''Trankebar'') and constructed [[Fort Dansborg]] as the base for Danish settlement. He was a member of the interim government that followed the death of King [[Christian IV of Denmark|Christian IV]] and which imposed restrictions (''Haandfæstning'') on his successor King [[Frederick III of Denmark|Frederick III]].
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<ref>{{cite web|url=|title= Haandfæstning|publisher=
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==Early years==
Gjedde was born at [[Tomarps Kungsgård Castle|Tomarps]] (''Tomarps Kungsgård'') at [[Åstorp Municipality|Åstorp]] in [[Skåne County| Scania]]. He was the son of Brostrup Gjedde and Dorthe Pallesdatter Ulfeldt. He studied at [[Sorø Academy]]. He completed a tour to Germany and the Netherlands. Returning in 1616, he was appointed secretary of the Danish Chancellor.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Historia
|publisher= Tomarps Kungsgård |accessdate=January 1, 2019}}</ref>
<ref name=oga>Jørgen Marcussen. [ Ove Gjedde - Admiral, 1594-1660] (in Danish)</ref>
<ref name=snl>{{cite web|url= |title= Ove Gjedde|publisher= Store norske leksikon |author= Erik Opsahl
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In March 1618, Gjedde commanded an expedition to [[India]] and [[Sri Lanka|Ceylon]] to establish a [[Danish colonial empire|Danish colony]] that could be used as a base for the China and East Indies trade of the [[Danish East India Company]]. His fleet consisted of the [[Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy|Danish naval]] ships ''[[Danish ship Elefanten|Elefanten]]'' and ''[[Danish ship David|David]]'', the yacht ''[[Danish ship Øresund|Øresund]]'', and the merchant ships ''Kiøbenhavn'' and ''Christian''. <ref> Charukesi Ramadurai. [ Trankebar] </ref>
He established [[Fort Dansborg]] at [[Tranquebar]], which would remain a [[Danish India|Danish colony]] for 200 years. Gjedde returned in March 1622 and was appointed lord of Brunla len (now in [[Akershus]]). In 1637, he received Tønsberg len (now [[Vestfold]]).<ref name="nbl"/>
Gjedde acquired land properties in Norway, and was a central participant in the mining industry. In 1657, he established the iron foundry [[Ulefos Jernværk]] at [[Ulefoss]] in [[Nome, Norway|Nome]], together with [[Preben von Ahnen]]. From 1630 he was director of the [[Kongsberg Silver Mines]]. <ref name=nbl>{{cite encyclopedia|title=Ove Gjedde |encyclopedia=[[Norsk biografisk leksikon]]|first=Øystein |last=Rian |authorlink= |editor=[[Knut Helle|Helle, Knut]]|publisher=Kunnskapsforlaget |location=Oslo |url= |language=Norwegian |accessdate=6 January 2014}}</ref>
In 1628, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of Akershus Regiment. He participated in the [[Torstenson War]] (1643–1645) as an admiral and in 1645 he was made Admiral of the Realm (''Rigsadmiral''). In 1648 he was granted the [[fiefdom]] of [[Helsingborg]] Castle.
<ref>{{cite web|url=|title= Ove Gjedde|publisher= Dansk Biografisk Leksikon, Gyldendal |author= Th. Topsøe-Jensen |accessdate=January 1, 2019}}</ref>
==Later years==
After the [[peace in Roskilde]], Denmark lost Scania to Sweden. When king [[Charles X Gustav of Sweden]] broke the peace of 1658, Ove Gjedde was taken prisoner, during a visit to Helsingborg. He was first sent to prison in Helsingborg castle, and later sent to [[Malmö]]. In 1660 he was released during prisoner exchanges between Sweden and Denmark. At the time Gjedde was an old and physically weak man and he had already built a grave monument in the old Danish city of [[Helsingborg]], which had now become Swedish. The legend says that, "''His bones after the Roskilde peace never found rest, after Scania became Swedish''" ({{lang-da|hans ben efter Roskildefreden fandt aldrig hvile, efter Skåne var blevet svensk}}).
Gjedde died at Copenhagen in 1660.<ref name="oga"/>
==Personal life==
In 1622, Gjedde married Dorothy Knudsdatter Urne (1600-1667), daughter of Knud Axelsen Urne til Årsmarke (1564–1622) and Margrethe Eilersdatter Grubbe til Alslev (1568–1654). His wife was a sister of [[Christoffer Urne]] (1593–1663) who served as [[List of heads of government of Norway#Stewards of Norway (1536–1814)|Steward of Norway]]. They were the parents of several children including [[Knud Ovessøn Gjedde]] and Brostrup Gjedde both of who served as [[County governor (Norway)|County governors]] in Norway.
<ref name="nbl"/>
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* Dorte Gjedde (1625-?) - daughter
* Brostrup Gjedde (1628–1668) - son
* Margrethe Gjedde (16??-1706) - daughter
* Merete Gjedde (16??-1689) - daughter
* Regitze Sophie Gjedde (1634-1653) - daughter
* [[Knud Ovessøn Gjedde]] (1635-1708) - son
* Frederick Eiler Gjedde (1641-1717) - son
==External links==
* [ Ove Gjedde] Trankebar Net
*[ Om Ove Gieddes ekspedition til Ceylon og Tranquebar 1618-1622] Danmarks Historien
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