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The word PAVE is a U.S. Air Force program identifier relating to electronic systems. In the original system, used in the helicopters PAVE Low and PAVE Hawk it was an acronym for Precision Avionics Vectoring Equipment. In later years the use of PAVE as a prefix identifier came to be used for a wide range of different programs, and various newer meanings for the original acronym have been proposed.[1]

F-4D 13th TFS 432nd TRW with Pave Sword laser 1971

An early Pave Sword laser pod on a F-4D during the Vietnam War, 1971.

PAVE systemsEdit

  • Pave Hawk - Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk special operations and combat search and rescue helicopter.
  • Pave Knife - Ford Aerospace AN/AVQ-10 Pave Knife early laser targeting pod.
  • Pave Low - Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low special ops and combat search and rescue helicopter.
  • Pave Mover - Demonstration program to develop the AN/APY-7 radar wide-area surveillance, ground moving target indicator (GMTI), fixed target indicator (FTI) target classification, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR), for the E-8 Joint STARS.
  • Pave Pace - A fully integrated avionics architecture featuring functional resource allocation.
  • PAVE PAWS - The Phased-Array Warning System which replaced the three BMEWS radars.
  • Pave Penny - Lockheed-Martin AN/AAS-35(V) laser spot tracker.
  • Pave Pillar - Generic core avionics architecture system for combat aircraft.
  • Pave Pronto - Lockheed AC-130 Spectre gunship program.
  • Pave Spectre - Lockheed AC-130E gunships.
  • Pave Eagle - Modified Beechcraft Bonanza drone aircraft for low altitude sensor monitoring.
  • Pave Spike - Westinghouse AN/ASQ-153\AN/AVQ-23 electro-optical laser designator pod.
  • Pave Sword - AN/AVQ-11 Pave Sword laser tracker.
  • Pave Tack - Ford Aerospace AN/AVQ-26 electro-optical targeting pod.
  • Paveway - A family of laser-guided bomb conversion kits, to be fitted to standard unguided bombs.



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