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Active 1954 - Present
Country  Pakistan
Branch Naval Jack of Pakistan.svg Pakistan Navy
Type Military training Institution
Nickname(s) Greater KARSAZ
Patron Admiral Asif Sandilla, Chief of Naval Staff
Motto(s) To train technical manpower to meet peace and war time requirements of Pakistan Navy.
Current Commandant Commodore Saeed Ahmed Khan SI(M), Commandant KARSAZ
Ceremonial chief Commodore Khalid Masood SI(M), Commandant KARSAZ

PNS Karsaz is arguably the largest establishment in the Pakistan Navy. Its primary role is to conduct basic, mid career and advanced professional courses for all trades of technical branch and associated branches.

PNS Karsaz is a large complex spread over 45.5 acres. It has the capacity to train about 2,000 trainees at a time, and is the largest establishment of technical training in Pakistan Navy. The establishment houses the main building, four schools, auditorium, library, computer centre, sports fields, swimming pools, living spaces and dining halls.


KARSAZ through the pages of History

PNS KARSAZ Quaid Block

Pakistan Navy at the time of independence only had a small workshop at Manora for technical training of officers and men. The need was immediately realized to establish a set-up at the earliest. As a first step Marine Training Establishment (MTE) was created at Manora in 1948. The facility was upgraded as an independent unit in Dec 1950. Subsequently, a new establishment was considered for commissioning in an area where future expansion could take place. HMPS Karsaz came into being on 24 Sep 1954. Later, the establishment was renamed as PNS Karsaz and was assigned an initial role to train mechanical branch artificers only. The infrastructure was designed for a total strength of 250 trainees extendable to 400. In 1955, Electrical training also commenced in Karsaz and thereafter electrical and mechanical schools started functioning along with PT school and NBCD School. PN Staff College and Supply School were later additions. PNS Karsaz has multidimensional responsibilities, with major focus on meeting new training needs. The unit is also entrusted with the responsibility for maintenance, upkeep and other miscellaneous issues of residential areas. Besides this, the security of unit and residential areas, through which a large number of service and civilian personnel pass daily, is the another major aspect.

The Unit has been hosting national and international level dignitaries over a span of last 6 decades. PNS Karsaz had the unique honour of hosting The Queen Elizabeth.

Status and use[]

The cardinal aim is to impart professional, academic and practical training to Officers, CPOs, POs and Sailors of Operations, Marine Engineering, Aero technicians, Medical and Logistic branches of Pakistan Navy and similar trades of friendly countries. PNS Karsaz is committed to produce trained Technical Sailors who fulfill the requirements of Fleet/Naval Headquarters.

Training infrastructure[]

The establishment has classrooms fitted with modern audio/visual devices including multimedia and computers. Four schools, namely: Marine Engineering, Weapon Engineering, NBCD and Physical Training School, conduct professional training in the respective disciplines. Each school is headed by Training Commander/Officer In Charge assisted by respective faculties. The schools update and carry out training needs analysis continuously as per the requirement of Fleet. The faculties of respective schools also arrange visits, seminars and guest speakers as part of the curriculum, and endeavor to acquire latest information and developments on respective subjects.

Weapon Engineering School[]

PCB Diagnosis and Repair lab's training session in progress

Weapon Engineering School is mandated to impart training on operations and maintenance of shipborne communication equipment, sensors and combat systems. Modern warfare is based on fully integrated weapon suites comprising weapons, sensors and Command and Control systems; thereby dictating a need to have a competent and well trained manpower. Accordingly, WE School aims at technical and professional grooming of Pakistan Navy’s CPOs/Sailors; ensuring effective combat readiness. The labs available at the School are equipped with state of the art equipment, trainers and simulators to provide hands on training to PN personnel.

Marine Engineering School[]

Machine Shop

The Marine Engineering School imparts training to operate and maintain the main and auxiliary machinery fitted onboard Naval Ships. It is the only mechanical cum electrical training institute for CPOs/Sailors that impart training on maintenance and upkeep of all mechanical/electrical machinery and hull fittings fitted onboard PN ships, submarines and shore units.

NBCD School[]

The NBCD School trains service personnel from PN and Foreign Navies in the discipline of Ship Damage Control and Fire fighting, NBC Warfare and First Aid. The school also imparts training to personnel associated with Merchant Navy, BOC and PARCO TOTAL.

Physical Training School[]

The Physical Training School is responsible for the training of Chief Petty Officers (CPOs)/Sailors of Physical Training Branch, so that they attain the professional competence to perform the duties of Physical Instructors.

Foreign trainees[]

PNS Karsaz being fully equipped with modern workshops and professionally qualified instructors, has the capability to undertake the training of personnel from friendly countries. Trainees from Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, and Bangladesh normally undergo training in various disciplines.

Laboratories and workshops[]

The Marine Engineering School has 8 laboratories and workshops. Olympus and Tyne gas turbine trainers including newly developed simulator for SCC, Type-21 ship are the most valuable addition to the existing training aids. Machine Shop has facilities for turning, milling, metal forming, grinding, shaping and cutting.

Ordnance Workshop

Weapon Engineering School has 21 laboratories/workshops to give practical experience on simulators, which are used by trainees to enhance fault diagnosis and trouble-shooting skills. These labs provide an opportunity to supplement theoretical concepts with the help of practical demonstrations and experiments. In order to ensure currency of training, the facilities & infrastructure are continually upgraded in line with latest technical developments.

In NBCD School, the advance Damage Repair Training Simulator (DRTS) is under construction which will provide a realistic damage control environment to the trainees. The school conducts fire fighting exercises using a modern fire fighting mockup. For realistic demonstration of ship stability, various models are available in the school. First Aid Training is also part of the school's curriculum. A latest CPR Training simulator is also available at the school.

Extracurricular activities[]

Apart from formal classroom instructions, extracurricular activities are an important ingredient of the training system at Karsaz, as these help in developing the qualities like leadership, comradeship and effective power of expression in a trainee. The extracurricular activities include sports, hobbies club, dramatic club, declamation contests and quiz competitions.

Information technology[]

PNS Karsaz attempts to keep the trainees abreast of the rapidly growing field of IT. There are more than 120 PC workstations in four different computer labs. "Net Café" has also been set up to facilitate the trainees and staff. In addition, a state of the art, internal local area network along with servers is in place to augment the training setup.

Computer-based training (CBT)[]

Computer Based Training (CBT)

PNS Karsaz has adopted contemporary training methodology in the form of a blended approach that entails computer-based as well as conventional learning methods. The CBT classroom environment provides simplified explanation of difficult theoretical concepts through 2D/3D graphical/animated content.


“Design and Make” Projects are allocated to groups of trainees to enhance their innovative technical skills. Most of the projects relate to the actual engineering problems and enhancement of skills required for problem diagnosis and solutions.

Training / education / courses offered[]

PNS Karsaz schools are imparting Basic, Mid Career and Advance level of Professional Training/Education to the trainees of entire Pakistan Navy.

End note[]

PNS Karsaz is an all encompassing facility for technical training up to Diploma level. Labs and well equipped workshops provide ample opportunity for hands on training and clarity of concepts. Physical and sports facilities accommodate the physical and mental health of the trainees. All these facilities grouped together.

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