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Palais Harrach Vienna June 2006 054

Palais Harrach.

Palais Harrach is a Baroque palace in Vienna, Austria. It was owned by the noble Harrach family. It was extensively renovated and restored in the late 1990s and houses offices and shops today.


From 1600 to 1658, it was property of Freyung family. Count Ferdinand Bonaventura I von Harrach bought the ruining edifice in the 17th century, which was replaced by a new one designed by Domenico Martinelli in 1696-98. From 1870 to 1970 it housed Count Aloys Thomas Raimund Harrach's picture collection (now in Castle Rohrau). The palace was sold to the municipality of Vienna in 1975.

Coordinates: 48°12′41″N 16°21′52″E / 48.21139°N 16.36444°E / 48.21139; 16.36444

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