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The Palais Kinsky in Vienna

Palais Kinsky is a Baroque palace in central Vienna, Austria. It was originally built for Count Wirich Philipp von Daun, the garrison commander whose son Leopold Josef Graf Daun became a Field Marshal of empress Maria Theresa. It was later bought by the Bohemian Kinsky family, and is sometimes called the Palais Daun-Kinsky.

It was commissioned by Count Daun and construction started in 1717 under the direction of architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt. It was sold in 1784 to the Kinsky family. The palace has a yellow-white façade, and a richly-decorated staircase with frescoed ceilings, mirrors and statues.

Józef Poniatowski, Polish general and Marshal of France was born in the palace on 7 May 1763.

The palace underwent renovation in the late 1990s and was restored to its earlier design. The rooms have baroque frescoed ceilings and expensive parquet floors. The palace is used for auction events, houses shops and a restaurant. It was also used for the final-status negotiations between Serbian and Kosovo Albanians in EU-sponsored negotiations.



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