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The Palaris Revolt of 1762-1765 was led by Juan de la Cruz Palaris, also known as Pantaleon Perez, of Binalatongan (now San Carlos City).[1] He was the son to Tomas Perez, a cabeza de barangay. He was born in Barrio Coliling, San Carlos City, Pangasinan, in the year 1733, third in a family of five, with three brothers and one sister. The first two elder brothers died when they were yet small and the youngest brother lived to marry yet. While the sister next to him grew into a beautiful but manly woman who used to kill a wild boar single handedly. She was finally killed in her own game, that is, she was killed and devoured by the wild boars.[1]

It was not known whether Pantaleon Perez was able to enter to school during his lifetime. The sources on this matter are silent, but he must have acquired some form of practical education while he was in Manila because when he returned to San Carlos, he was held in high esteem and the people looked up to him as a cultured and refined man. In the words of Simon de Anda: "he once served as a coachman of Auditor Don Francisco Enriques de Villacorta." His dealing with his townsmen earned for him their confidence and respect and, being a dynamic and restless man, he easily became their leader.[1]

History records him as Juan de la Cruz "Palaripar" then as "Palaris," but for convenience he was more popularly known as "Palaris." He was called "Palaripar" as he was the fastest runner and his legs appeared to be twirling like an auger and the ground furrowed.[1]


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