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Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco.

The Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco is a large townhouse at Syracuse in Sicily, Italy. The building dates from the Middle Ages, when it was constructed for the Arezzo family. However, the building seen today dates mostly from the late 18th century, when was largely rebuilt between 1779 and 1788 in the Sicilian Baroque style following its purchase by Baron Guglielmo Beneventano.

Guglielmo Beneventano's architect was Luciano Alì, who transformed the medieval building, which had been used as a seat of local government, into a private house. Built around an enclosed courtyard, the palazzo is a perfect example of baroque architecture. The canted facades are adorned with twin columns, putti, and statuary, all given extra dramatic effect by the architect's skilful use of chiaroscuro.

The ornate Baroque architecture continues into the interior with sculptures by the Palermitano Lombardic Gregorio, and frescoes by Ermenegido Martorana. To further create the air of fantasy and extravagance, huge crystal chandeliers were imported from Murano. The interior of the palazzo is not open to the public but can be viewed by special permission from the owners.


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