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Palazzo Castiglioni/Bonacolsi is a building in Mantua, northern Italy, located in Piazza Sordello in front of the Ducal Palace. The Bonacolsi family ruled Mantua during the thirteenth century, until on August 16, 1328, the last Bonacolsi, Rinaldo, was overthrown in a revolt backed by the Gonzaga, who seized power.

Palazzo Bonacolsi is currently named Palazzo Castiglioni. The Castiglioni had been one of the most prominent Lombard aristocratic families since the 10th century. Most of the members were traditionally based in Milan: the Mantuan branch originated in 1440 from Baldassarre Castiglione, the grandfather of the homonymous author of the Libro del Cortigiano.

Coordinates: 45°09′36″N 10°47′47″E / 45.16°N 10.79639°E / 45.16; 10.79639

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