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Palazzo malenchini-alberti 11

Palazzo Malenchini Alberti seen from Via de' Benci.

Palazzo malenchini alberti, giardino 11

View of the garden.

Palazzo Malenchini Alberti is a palace in Florence, Italy. It was owned by the Alberti, who had also a tower nearby.

Until the 15th century, their residence was formed by a series of different houses and workshops, which were unified in 1760-1763 by will of Giovan Vincenzo Alberti. Later the palace was acquired by the Mori Ubaldini, and a new neo-Renaissance façade was added in 1849-1851. After a short period under a French family, it went to marquess Luigi Malenchini from Livorno, whence the modern name.

The palace was damage during World War II and by the 1966 Flood of the River Arno, and was later restored (2000-2003).


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Coordinates: 43°46′1.47″N 11°15′32.31″E / 43.767075°N 11.258975°E / 43.767075; 11.258975

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