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Palazzo de' Mozzi

Palazzo Mozzi

Palazzo Mozzi or Palazzo de' Mozzi is an early Renaissance palace in Florence, Italy.

The palazzo was built by the Mozzi family between 1260 and 1273[1] as a fortification for the Ponte alle Grazie.[2] The palazzo was modified in the 14th century to a Renaissance house. The Mozzi family often hosted prominent persons such as Pope Gregory X and the Duke of Athens at the palazzo.[1]

In the 16th century, a plot of land was purchased behind the palazzo and was used to grow an olive grove. The grove was transformed into a garden in the 19th century when the palazzo was purchased by Stefano Bardini.[2] The State of Italy currently owns the palazzo and it is undergoing restoration and conversion to an art museum.[3]


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Coordinates: 43°45′52.81″N 11°15′28.77″E / 43.7646694°N 11.2579917°E / 43.7646694; 11.2579917

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