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Detail of the façade of Palazzo Sclafani.

The Palazzo Sclafani is a palace in Palermo, southern Italy, situated near the city's cathedral and the Palazzo dei Normanni. Constructed in 1330 by lord Matteo Sclafani, Count of Adernò, its design was in competition with his brother-in-law's contemporary Palazzo Chiaramonte.

The original appearance was changed in 1435 when it was turned into a civic hospital, and in 1832 when it became a barracks. Today it houses the military command. On the facade, intertwined arches dance atop elegant mullioned windows; above the entrance, the coat of arms of the Sclafani family is proudly displayed, as well as an eagle (signifying the family's noble heritage) by the sculptor Bonaiuto Pisano.

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Fresco of the Triumph of Death.

The large Triumph of Death fresco (1446) that was originally located in the court of Palazzo Sclafani now hangs in the Palazzo Abatellis.


Coordinates: 38°06′45″N 13°21′24″E / 38.1125°N 13.3568°E / 38.1125; 13.3568

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