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Palestine Command
Country Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army British Army
Service history
Active 1922–1948

Palestine Command was a British military command.


The command was formed in February 1922 with the objective of controlling all British forces in Mandatory Palestine.[1] In 1930, following an outbreak in hostilities between the Jewish and Arab populations, 2nd Battalion the South Staffordshire Regiment and the 1st Battalion the Northamptonshire Regiment were deployed to Palestine.[1] In September 1936, following an escalation in violence, Lieutenant-General Sir John Dill was despatched there.[1] After the Second World War, with the immigation of Jews, tensions increased further and 1st Infantry Division arrived in Palestine.[1] In May 1948 the United Kingdom's mandate ended and British troops withdrew the following month.[1]


Commanders were as follows:[2]


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