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Polish graveyard of 4th police SS regiment and UPA victims in Palikrowy


Meadow near village, where 365 Poles were executed by 4th police SS regiment and UPA

The Palikrowy massacre was a war crime committed by 4th police SS-regiment made up of Ukrainian soldiers of the SS-Galizien who were removed from the SS-Galizien at the time of the massacre and placed under German police command .,[1] Ukrainian SVK ("Self-defence", Ukrainian: Samoobronni Kuszczowi Widdiły) forces and Ukrainian Insurgent Army on Poles in the village of Palikrowy (since 1945 Palykorovy), which took place on 12 March 1944. 385 Poles were executed.[2]

Palikrowy was an ethnically mixed village, with 70% Polish population. In 1944, the population was about 1880, with about 360 houses. Action was coordinated with attack at nearby Pidkamin including the monastery in Pidkamin, where some of inhabitants from Palikrowy were hiding during the ethnic cleansing of Poles in Volhynia.[3][4]

All the inhabitants of Palikrowy were gathered on a meadow near village. The Ukrainian inhabitants of the village were released. Then the Poles were executed by two heavy machine guns. Only a few wounded people survived. Polish houses were burned down and hiding Polish civilians were murdered, and their property stolen.[citation needed]

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