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wz. 83 Pallad D

Wz. 1974 Pallad
Tantal-Pallad REMOV.jpg
The wz. 74 grenade launcher mounted on a wz. 88 Tantal rifle
Type Grenade launcher
Place of origin  Poland
Service history
Used by Poland
Production history
Designed 1968-1970
Manufacturer Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów
Produced 1970-
Variants wz. 1983 Pallad-D
Weight 1.25 kg with mount (wz. 74)
2.3 kg (wz. 83)
Length 324 mm (wz. 74)
670 mm with stock extended / 395 mm with stock collapsed (wz. 83)
Barrel length 267 mm

Cartridge 40x47mm
Action Break action
Muzzle velocity 78 m/s
Effective range Sights adjustable up to 430 m
Feed system Breech-loaded, single-shot
Sights Notched short range quadrant sight (0 to 400 m), folding leaf sight graduated from 170 to 430 m

The Pallad (also known as the wz. 1974) is a 40 mm Polish under-slung grenade launcher, developed for use with the AKM assault-rifle and intended to replace the kbkg wz. 1960 grenade-launcher rifle. The name of the weapon reflects the Polish-language word for palladium.[1]

The development of the weapon drew on concepts provided by Józef Brodacki.

The wz. 1983 Pallad D, the stand-alone version of the wz. 74, features a stock and AK type pistol grip.


  •  Lithuania - 10 (5,56mm karabinek-granatnik wz.1974) were given from Poland and use by Lithuania before 2003
  •  Poland - 7,62mm karabinek-granatnik wz.1974(limited use), 5,45mm karabinek-granatnik wz.1974(phased out), 5,56mm karabinek-granatnik wz.1974 and wz. 83 Pallad-D are in use by Polish Land Forces


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