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The Palliyagodella massacre was carried out by the LTTE, an organization which has been banned in 33 countries including the US, Australia, EU, India and Canada due to its terrorist activities. This was the largest massacre of Muslim civilians by the LTTE to date.

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The Palliyagodella massacre is an incident in October 1991 in which LTTE cadres massacred 166 to 171[1] Muslim men, women and children in Palliyagodella[2] The background to this massacre was the growing tension between the LTTE and the Muslim community. The Palliyagodella villagers had asked the Sri Lankan military for protection from LTTE extortion. The Sri Lankan forces issued shotguns to the Muslim villagers but these were inadequate to beat off LTTE attacks. Female LTTE cadres and child soldiers were involved in this attack.[3]

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