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Panemunė Castle is a castle on the right bank of the Nemunas river, in Vytėnai, Jurbarkas district, Lithuania.

The initial hillfort of the Teutonic Knights (erected 1343) was replaced by a castle built in 1604-1610 by a noble Hungarian descent Janusz Eperjesz. The name “Panemunė“ („along the Nemunas“, pronounced Pa ne mu‘ ne), it is guessed, arose from the former Panemunė Manor that was once here. Panemunė Castle was not designed to be a stronghold for the defence of the land but a tyrpical, for the beginning of the 17th mentury, nobleman castle with defensive fittings, residential buildings, and farm buildings. Panemunė Castle became one of the most beautiful Renaissance era building in Lithuania. The castle was reconstructed around 1759 by Giełgud family. The new owners established lawish manor house like interiors with frescos, which has been recently discovered, while remaining wings of the castle is still under restoration. At present the castle is prepared for visitors. The castle stands in a park on a high hill and is surrounded by five cascading ponds. During a tourism season, works of Vilnius Art Academy are exhibited in the castle. It is possible to walk inside the castle, badmire the wonderfull Panemunė views that open from the castle tower. At the castle foot Pilis I village is settled.


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(Lithuanian) Panemunės pilis Coordinates: 55°05′56″N 22°59′10″E / 55.099°N 22.986°E / 55.099; 22.986

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