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Coordinates: 48°40′54″N 9°02′46″E / 48.6818°N 9.046°E / 48.6818; 9.046

Map of Panzer Kaserne during the 1970s.

Panzer Kaserne (formerly Ludendorff Kaserne) is a U.S. military installation in Böblingen, Germany, part of US Army Garrison Stuttgart.[1] The post is administered by United States Army Installation Management Command-Europe (IMCOM-Europe), a legacy from its use as an Army installation since just after World War II. Panzer also hosts the headquarters of United States Marine Corps Forces, Europe & Africa (MARFOREURAF) and various Special Operations units of the Army and Navy supporting EUCOM and AFRICOM.

History[edit | edit source]

Panzer Kaserne and nearby Patch Barracks were constructed for the German Army and were joined by a specially designed trail due to the weight of tank traffic. There is also a small nearby training area- unusual for a Kaserne in an urban or suburban area.[2] The 8th Panzer Regiment was the first unit assigned to the then Ludendorff Kaserne.[3]

During the Cold War various units were assigned to Panzer- most notably units of the 1st ID (Forward) - a forward detached element of the 3rd Brigade 1st Infantry Division.[4] until 1990.

Most currently assigned units are devoted to the support of U.S. European Command (EUCOM) at Patch Barracks and United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) at Kelley Barracks also located in the Stuttgart area.

Units Assigned[edit | edit source]


On Base Services[edit | edit source]

Interior of the Panzer Kaserne Chapel during a town hall meeting for dependents and community leaders.

Education[edit | edit source]

Panzer is host to a DODEA Elementary, middle, and high school for dependent children [8] and is served by nearby Alexander M. Patch American High School. The International School of Stuttgart also operates a private Pre-k to 9th Grade dual-language school in nearby Sindelfingen as ISS BaSICS.[9] The same school has an IB K-12 school located in Stuttgart district of Degerloch.[10]

Shopping[edit | edit source]

The Exchange has opened a new main shopping center for the Stuttgart Military Community at Panzer to replace the facility at nearby Patch Barracks. The 140,000 square foot facility is organized like a mall.[11] Panzer hosts a commissary and is also served by similar facilities at Patch and Kelley Barracks.

Transit[edit | edit source]

Panzer Kaserne is directly served by Stuttgart VVS Bus service and light rail in nearby Sindelfingen.[12]

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