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The Paraguayan Army is composed of a Presidential Escort Regiment, two battalions (infantry and military police), an armored squadron, and a battery of field artillery. Their equipment includes three Argentinean modified M4 Sherman, four EE-9 Cascavel armored cars, four EE-11 Urutu armored personnel carriers (APCs), three M-9 half-tracks mounting 20mm guns, and four M-101 105 mm howitzers. Arguably, this "flagship" of military rule is structurally and physically the strongest of the EP. The REP is an independent unit from other commands. The EP features two artillery groups (GAC 1–12 88 mm QF-25 and GAC 2–12 105mm M-101) and one antiaircraft artillery group (GAA 13 40 mm L 40/60, Oerlikon 20mm cannons, and six M-55 4x12, 7.0 mm).

Six battalions of combat engineers, one communications battalion, one Special Forces battalion, seven regiments of infantry, six regiments of cavalry (R.C.-2 equipped with 12 M3A1, five operational, 20 M9 semioruga and R.C.-3: 24 EE-9 Cascavels, eitht EE-11 Urutu). This has little organic aviation available to it.

Each corps has a weapons school run by its command. The logistical command manages 10 addresses materials, mobilization, health care, etc. The command of the Army Institute of Education administers three schools, commissioned and noncommissoned officers, a military academy, and the CIMEFOR (a center for pre-military study that trains Reserve officers).

Each of the nine divisions that make up the three corps has one or two regiments of infantry or cavalry, its platoon of engineers, its communications section, military police units, etc.

Order of Battle of the Paraguayan Army[edit | edit source]

  • Presidential Escort regiment with its base in Asuncion
    • 1st Corps of the army (Curuguaty)
  • Infantry Division no. 3
  • Infantry Division no. 4
  • Cavalry Division no. 3**2nd Corps of the army (San Juan Bautista)
    • Infantry Division no. 1
    • Infantry Division no. 2
    • Cavalry Division no. 2
      • 3rd Corps of the army (Mariscal Estigarribia)
    • Infantry Division no. 5
    • Infantry Division no. 6
    • Cavalry Division no. 1
    • Special forces command (Cerrito)
    • One Special Forces battalion and one Special Forces school.
    • Artillery command (Paraguari)
    • Two artillery groups and one anti-aircraft groups, one artillery school.
    • One school and one regiment of infantry.
    • Command of engineers (Tacumbu)
    • One school and six battalions.
    • Command of communications (Tacumbu)
    • One school and one battalion.
    • The command of military institutes of education
    • One military academy, three military schools, and a noncommissoned officers' academy.
    • The longistic command (Asuncion)
    • The longistic command manages 10, addresses materials, mobilization, health care, etc. Army:

Armored vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • 03 M4 Sherman medium tanks equipped with a 105 mm gun & diesel engine
  • 12 light tanks M3 Stuart, with only five operational
  • 03 M2T9, upgraded in Brazil with a diesel engine and a.a. gun Oerlikon GAI of 20mm.
  • 20 M9 Semiorugas half-tracks donated by Argentina in 2007–2009.
  • 28 EE-9 Cascavel armored cars, modernized in Brazil in 2008 (equipped with Cockerill Mk-3)
  • 12 EE-11 Urutu APC, modernized in Brazil in 2008

Transportation[edit | edit source]

  • 70 truck Atego 1725a-42 purachased between 2007–2008
  • n/a Toyota Land Cruiser light vehicles
  • n/a Mitsubishi L 200 pick-up
  • 108 Ford Cargo 1517 4x2 including specialized purachased between 2005 and 2007

    The Paraguayan Special Forces

  • n/a Mercedes Benz trucks several models purachased from Brazil in 1990–98
  • n/a Mercedes Benz, several models Brasil Purchased in 1990–1998
  • n/a MAN 630L2A MAN 630L2A Purchased in 1960–1970
  • n/a Unimog Argentina a few seen in photographs.
  • n/a Chevrolet S-10,pick-up
  • n/a Trucks EE-25 and EE-15 Brazil Just as shows and specialty
  • n/a Light vehicles Varios Several Includes ambulances, and trucks (up to 100 units), some of Taiwanese origin.

Artillery pieces and mortars[edit | edit source]

Anti Tank Weapons[edit | edit source]

Army aviation[edit | edit source]

Infantry Equipment[edit | edit source]

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