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Paul K. Chappell is an Iraq War veteran, and Peace Leadership Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.[1]

He graduated from West Point in 2002.

Chappell served in the army from 2002 to November 2009, was deployed to Baghdad in 2006, and left active duty in November 2009 as a captain. Part African American, part Korean, and part Caucasian, Paul K. Chappell dedicates his time to waging peace and ending war.

He has been on Oprah Radio, Book TV, NPR, Pacifica Radio, and the Voice of America.[2] He lives in Santa Barbara, California.


  • 2010 NAFRA Peace Award nomination [3]


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"Paul Chappell has transformed my way of thinking about war and peace...There is cause to hope, and believe, that there can be an end to war."

—Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Killing and On Combat

"Paul K. Chappell has given us a crucial look at war and peace from the unique perspective of a soldier, and his new ideas show us why world peace is both necessary and possible in the 21st century. The End of War can help people everywhere understand why war must end, and how together we can end it."

—Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"I am certainly in agreement with so much of what Paul K. Chappell has to say. His values are truly humane and admirable."


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