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Col. Paul R. Shaffer (1930–1975) was a United States military aide to Iran who was assassinated by Marxist terrorists.[1][2] The People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK) was responsible for the assassination.[3]


On May 1975 terrorists stopped the car carrying Col. Shaffer and Col. Jack Turner. They ordered the Iranian driver to lay down, and then shot and killed Americans at point-blank range. The shooting happened when the two officers were on their way to work at an Iranian military base in south Tehran.[1][2][4][5]


The Iranian government identified the terrorists as Marxist guerrillas. An unknown woman, claiming to speak for the "Iranian People’s Warriors Association" said "the execution of American officers was in reply to the execution of nine Iranian revolutionaries in prison the previous month."[1]


In 2005 a memorial was built by the War on Terror Foundation to honor Col. Shaffer.[6]


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