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Paul Vent
Nickname Vent
Born 11 February 1900
Died 0 November 1944(1944-11-00) (aged 44)
Place of death Estonia
Allegiance Flag of Russia.svg Imperial Russia
Flag of Germany (1935–1945).svg Nazi Germany
Service/branch infantry
Years of service 1917-1918 Russian Imperial Army
1918-1940 Estonian Army
1941-1943 Wehrmacht
1943-1944 Waffen SS
Rank SS-Obersturmbannführer
Unit 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian)

Estonian War of Independence
World War II Eastern Front

Awards Iron Cross 1st class
Cross of Liberty (Estonia)
Order of the Cross of the Eagle

Paul Vent (born on February 11, 1900 - died in 1944) was an Estonian military officer who served in the Imperial Russian Army, the Estonian Army, the Wehrmacht and in the Waffen SS. Paul Vent fought in World War I, Estonian War of Independence and World War II. He earned Cross of Liberty and Order of the Cross of the Eagle while in Estonian Army and 1st class Iron Cross while in Waffen SS.

Paul Vent was educated at the Tartu Real gymnasium, where he then joined the Vladimir War School in 1917. In 1918 he came back to Estonia and fought in Estonian War of Independence and was promoted to ensign. Vent fought on the Southern Estonian front and helped liberate northern Latvia, pushing out the Baltische Landeswehr. After the war he stayed in Estonian Army. In 1940 Paul Vent was promoted to major.

After the Soviet occupation in 1940 the Estonian Army was disbanded with many officers being either imprisoned, executed or sent into service with the Red Army, Paul Vent went into hiding in Otepää. When the Germans occupied Estonia, Vent came out and joined Wehrmacht. In 1943 Paul Vent was transferred to the Estonian Legion, or 20th Estonian SS division. He led 45th Estonian regiment and fought in Narva front serving out 1st class Iron Cross on March 11, 1944 for showing much bravery in battles. Since April 1 Vent lead the 47th Estonian SS Regiment. On 14 August 1944 Vent was ordered to lead "Vent" group and was sent to Tartu front defending the Emajõgi line.

His death is unclear.

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