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Major-General Paul de Gually (died 1737) was a French Huguenot soldier who followed a career with the British Army after his exile from France.


He was appointed lieutenant-colonel of the Count de Paulin's regiment of French foot on 2 April 1706,[1] and was granted brevet rank as a colonel of foot on 1 January 1708.[2] On 7 March 1709 he was major of Colonel John Trapaud's regiment of foot,[1][3] and on 24 June 1710 succeeded Trapaud as colonel of a regiment of dragoons serving in Portugal. The regiment was disbanded in 1712 and de Gually was drawing half-pay as a colonel of dragoons in 1722. He was promoted to brigadier-general on 12 March 1727 and major-general on 4 November 1735. He died in London in 1737.[1]


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