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Perm Operation
Part of the Russian Civil War
DateNovember 29, 1918 to January 28, 1919
LocationUral Region
Result unclear
Flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1918–1937).svg Red Army Flag of Siberia.svg Siberian Army
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1918–1937).svg M.Lashevich (3d Army) Flag of Siberia.svg Anatoly Pepelyayev
about 36000 about 45000
Casualties and losses
great great

Perm Operation (November, 1918 - January, 1919) - an episode of Russian Civil War.


At the end of 1918 the common situation on the Eastern Front of the Russian Civil War was unclear. Forces of White Movement tried to andvance at two direction simultaneously: purpose of advancing on the north direction was to connect with North Russia Front, purpose of advancing on the southern direction - to connect with South Russia Front. Red Army considered southern advancing of White Army as the main threat, and concentrated main forces in Southern Ural region.

Offensive of Siberian Army[]

At November, 29, 1st corps of Siberian Army, led by Anatoly Pepelyayev, began its advancing on the north direction. At December, 21, Siberian Army captured Kungur, at December, 24 - Perm. Red Army lost 18.000 men, but losses of White Army was also great, therefore at January 6, 1919 Russia Supreme Ruler Alexander Kolchak ordered 1st corps of Siberian Army to defend.

Counteroffensive of Red Army[]

At January, 19, Red Army began its counteroffensive to recapture Perm and Kungur. Till January, 28, Red's 2nd army advanced on 20–40 km, Red's 3d army - 10–20 km. Main objectives weren't achieved.


Perm and Kungur were captured by Whites. Both sides had a great losses.

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