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The following Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Perryville of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit | edit source]

Military rank[edit | edit source]

Artillery[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of the Mississippi[edit | edit source]

16,000 men, 56 guns (k-532, w-2652, m-236 = 3,420)

Gen Braxton Bragg, Commanding


  • 3rd Tennessee Cavalry (4 companies): Cpt W. C. Bacot

k-1, w-0, m-0 = 1

  • 13th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry, Company I: Cpt William W. Lillard

Right Wing[edit | edit source]

7,000 men, 16 guns (k-306, w-1153, m-87 = 1,546)

MG Leonidas Polk


  • Orleans Light Horse Company: Cpt Leeds Greenleaf
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
16 guns, k-305, w-1153, m-87 = 1,545

     MG Benjamin Franklin Cheatham

1st Brigade
k-71, w-300, m-3 = 374

   BG Daniel Smith Donelson

  • 8th Tennessee: Col William Lawson Moore
  • 15th Tennessee: Col Robert Charles Tyler
  • 16th Tennessee: Col John Houston Savage (w)
  • 38th Tennessee: Col John Carpenter Carter (w)
  • 51st Tennessee (Consolidated): Col John Chester
  • Carnes' Battery (aka The Steuben Artillery) (Tennessee) [4 6-pdr SB]: Cpt William Watts Carnes
2nd Brigade
k-62, w-336, m-25 = 423

   BG Alexander Peter Stewart

  • 4th Tennessee: Col Otho French Strahl
  • 5th Tennessee & 46th Tennessee, Company L: Col Calvin D. Venable (w)
  • 24th Tennessee: Ltc Hugh L. W. Bratton
  • 31st Tennessee: Col Egbert E. Tansil
  • 33rd Tennessee: Col Warner P. Jones
  • Stanford's Battery (Mississippi) [4 3" R]: Cpt Thomas J. Stanford
3rd Brigade
k-107, w-515, m-58 = 743

   BG George Earl Maney

  • 41st Georgia: Col Charles A. McDaniel (mw)
  • 1st Tennessee: Col Hume R. Field
  • 6th Tennessee: Col George C. Porter
  • 9th Tennessee: Ltc John W. Buford (w)
  • 27th Tennessee: Ltc William Frierson (w), Maj A. C. Allen
  • Turner's Battery (aka Smith's Battery) (Mississippi) [2 12-pdr How, 2 6-pdr iron SB]: Lt William B. Turner
4th Brigade
k-2, w-2, m-1 = 5

   BG Preston Smith

  • 12th Tennessee: Col Tyree Harris Bell
  • 13th Tennessee: Col Alfred J. Vaughn, Jr.
  • 47th Tennessee: Col Munson R. Hill
  • 154th Tennessee (Senior): Col Michael Magevney, Jr.
  • 9th Texas: Col William H. Young
  • Scott's Battery (aka Blankhead's Battery) (Tennessee) [2 6-pdr SB, 2 12-pdr How]: Cpt William L. Scott
1st Cavalry Brigade
k-1, w-2, m-0 = 3

   Col John Austin Wharton

  • 2nd Georgia Cavalry (5 companies): Ltc Arthur Hood
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry (Companies C, D, I, & K): Cpt Thomas A. Ireland
  • 4th Tennessee Cavalry (5 companies): Maj Baxter Smith
  • Davis' Cavalry Battalion (4 companies) (Tennessee): Maj John R. Davis
  • 8th Texas Cavalry (aka Terry's Texas Rangers): Ltc Thomas Harrison

Left Wing[edit | edit source]

9,000 men, 40 guns (k-225, w-1499, m-149 = 1,873)

MG William Joseph Hardee


  • Raum's Cavalry Company (Mississippi): Cpt William Cyrus Rippey Raum
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
18 guns, k-109, w-406, m-70 = 585

     BG James Patton Anderson

1st Brigade
k-47, w-190, m-2 = 239

   BG John Calvin Brown (w)

  • 1st Florida: Col William Miller
  • 3rd Florida: Col Daniel B. Bird
  • 41st Mississippi: Col William Feinster Tucker (w)
  • 14th Georgia Battalion Light Artillery, Battery "A" [3 12-pdr How, 3 6-pdr SB]: Cpt Joseph Palmer
2nd Brigade
k-7, w-78, m-67 = 152

   BG Daniel Weisiger Adams

  • 13th Louisiana: Col Randall Lee Gibson
  • Austin's Battalion, Sharpshooters (aka 14th Battalion): Maj John Edward Austin
  • 16th Louisiana: Col Daniel C. Gober
  • 20th Louisiana: Col August Reichard
  • 25th Louisiana: Col Stewart W. Fisk
  • 5th Company, Washington Artillery (Louisiana) [2 6-pdr SB, 2 3" R, 2 12-pdr How] : Cpt Cuthbert H. Slocomb
3rd Brigade
k-13, w-13, m-0 = 26

   Col Samuel Powel

  • 45th Alabama: Col James Graham Gilchrist
  • 1st Arkansas: Col John W. Colquitt
  • 24th Mississippi: Col William F. Dowd
  • 29th Tennessee: Col Horace Rice
  • Barret's Battery (Missouri) [2 6-pdr SB, 2 12-pdr How]: Cpt Overton W. Barret
4th Brigade
k-42, w-125, m-1 = 168

   Col Thomas Marshall Jones

  • 27th Mississippi: Ltc James Lockhart Autry
  • 30th Mississippi: Col George G. Falls Neill
  • 34th Mississippi: Col Samuel Benton (w)
  • 2nd Alabama Battalion Light Artillery, Battery "F" [4 12-pdr Nap]: Cpt Charles L. Lumsden

Third Division
20 guns, k-113, w-709, m-10 = 832

     MG Simon Bolivar Buckner

1st Brigade
k-15, w-57, m-0 = 72

   BG St. John Richardson Liddell

2nd Brigade
k-25, w-325, m-0 = 350

   BG Patrick Ronayne Cleburne

3rd Brigade
k-32, w-164, m-9 = 205

   BG Bushrod Rust Johnson

  • 5th Confederate (8 companies): Col James A. Smith
  • 17th Tennessee: Col Albert S. Marks
  • 23rd Tennessee (8 companies): Ltc Richard Hudson Keeble
  • 25th Tennessee: Col John M. Hughes
  • 37th Tennessee: Col Moses White
  • 44th Tennessee: Col John S. Fulton
  • Darden's Battery (Mississippi) [2 12-pdr How, 2 6-pdr SB]: Cpt Putnam Darden
4th Brigade
k-41, w-163, m-1 = 205

   BG Sterling Alexander Martin Wood (w)


  • 3rd Georgia Cavalry (Companies G & F): Cpt Reuben L. Hill
  • 16th Alabama: Col William Basis Wood
  • 33rd Alabama: Col Samuel Adams (w), Ltc Robert F. Crittenden
  • 3rd Confederate: Ltc Henry Virtner Keep
  • 15th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters (Companies A & B): Maj A. T. Hawkins
  • 32nd Mississippi: Col Mark Perrin Lowrey (w)
  • 33rd Mississippi: Ltc Richard Charlton
  • Semple's Battery (Alabama) [4 12-pdr Nap, 2 6-pdr M1841 SB]: Cpt Henry Churchill Semple
2nd Cavalry Brigade
k-3, w-0, m-0 = 3

   Col Joseph Wheeler

  • 1st Alabama Cavalry: Col William Wirt Allen (w)
  • 3rd Alabama Cavalry: Col James Hagan
  • 6th CS Cavalry: Ltc James Pell
  • 8th CS Cavalry: Col William B. Wade
  • 2nd Georgia Cavalry (5 companies): Maj C. A. Whaley
  • Smith's Cavalry Battalion (Georgia): Col John R. Hart
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry (Companies A, B, E, F, & H): Maj John W. Caldwell
  • 6th Kentucky Cavalry (Companies A, B, & D): Col J. Warren Grigsby
  • 9th Tennessee Cavalry: Col James D. Bennett
  • 12th Tennessee Cavalry: Ltc T. W. Adrian
  • Calvert's Battery (Arkansas) [1 section; 2 12-pdr How]: 2Lt Sylvanus G. Hanley

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