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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Perryville of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit | edit source]

Military rank[edit | edit source]

Artillery[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed
  • c = captured
  • m = missing

Army of the Ohio[edit | edit source]

55,000 men, 147 guns (k-889, w-2966, m-433 = 4,288)

MG Don Carlos Buell, Commanding
MG George Henry Thomas, second in command


Signal detachment: Cpt Jesse Merrill

I Corps[edit | edit source]

13,000 men, 38 guns (k-695, w-2290, m-346 = 3,331)

MG Alexander McDowell McCook

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Third Division
24 guns, k-494, w-1517, m-148 = 2,159

     BG Lovell Harrison Rousseau


9th Brigade
k-142, w-427, m-39 = 608

   Col Leonard A. Harris

17th Brigade
k-187, w-614, m-35 = 836

   Col William Haines Lytle (w/c)
   Col Curran Pope (w)[1]

28th Brigade
k-165, w-458, m-70 = 693

   Col John Converse Starkweather

Tenth Division
14 guns, k-201, w-773, m-198 = 1,172

     BG James Streshly Jackson (k)
     Col Albert Sereno Hall

33rd Brigade
k-112, w-356, m-59 = 527

   BG William Rufus Terrill (mw)


  • Terrill's Guards & Scouts: Cpt Louis Christman
34th Brigade
k-89, w-417, m-139 = 645

   Col George P. Webster (k)
   Ltc Silas A. Strickland[2]

II Corps[edit | edit source]

20,000 men, 65 guns (k-2, w-4, m-6 = 12)

MG Thomas Leonidas Crittenden


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Fourth Division
27 guns, k-0, w-0, m-0 = 0

     BG William Sooy Smith


  • 2nd Kentucky Cavalry (4 companies): Ltc Thomas Cochran
10th Brigade

   Col William Grose

19th Brigade

   Col William Babcock Hazen

22nd Brigade

   BG Charles Cruft

Fifth Division
18 guns, k-0, w-0, m-0 = 0

     BG Horatio Phillips Van Cleve

11th Brigade

   Col Samuel Beatty

14th Brigade

   Col Pierce Butler Hawkins

23rd Brigade

   Col Stanley Matthews

Sixth Division
18 guns, k-0, w-0, m-2 = 2

     BG Thomas John Wood

15th Brigade

k-0, w-0, m-0 = 0

   BG Milo Smith Hascall

20th Brigade

k-0, w-0, m-0 = 0

   Col Charles Garrison Harker

21st Brigade

k-0, w-0, m-2 = 2

   Col George Day Wagner

McCook's Cavalry Brigade

k-2, w-4, m-4 = 10

   Col Edward Moody McCook

III Corps[edit | edit source]

22,000 men, 44 guns (k-192, w-672, m-80 = 944)

MG Charles Champion Gilbert

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
14 guns, k-4, w-14, m-7 = 25

     BG Albin Schoepf


1st Brigade

k-0, w-0, m-0 = 0

   Col Moses B. Walker

2nd Brigade

k-4, w-7, m-0 = 11

   BG Speed Smith Fry

3rd Brigade

k-0, w-7, m-7 = 14

   BG James Blair Steedman

Ninth Division
16 guns, k-133, w-356, m-58 = 547

     BG Robert Byington Mitchell


30th Brigade

k-133, w-344, m-58 = 535

   Col Michael Gooding (w/c)

31st Brigade

k-0, w-11, m-0 = 11

   Col William Passmore Carlin

32nd Brigade

k-0, w-1, m-0 = 1

   Col William W. Caldwell

Eleventh Division
12 guns, k-51, w-288, m-14 = 353

     BG Philip Henry Sheridan


  • Company L, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry:
35th Brigade

k-22, w-102, m-1 = 125

   Ltc Bernard Laiboldt

36th Brigade

k-8, w-62, m-9 = 79

   Col Daniel McCook, Jr.

37th Brigade

k-21, w-118, m-4 = 143

   Col Nicholas Gruesel

Gay's Cavalry Brigade

k-4, w-14, m-1 = 19

   Cpt Ebenezer Gay

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Pope died in Danville, Kentucky on November 6, 1862 of symptoms "resembling typhoid fever"
  2. Eicher p.516

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