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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Piedmont of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[]

Military rank[]

Army of the Shenandoah[]

Department of West Virginia[]

MG David Hunter

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

     BG Jeremiah C. Sullivan

1st Brigade

   Col Augustus Moor

2nd Brigade

   Col Joseph Thoburn

  • 2nd Maryland Eastern Shore: Col Robert S. Rodgers
  • 34th Massachusetts: Col George D. Wells
  • 54th Pennsylvania: Col Jacob Campbell
  • 1st West Virginia: Ltc Jacob Weddle
  • 4th West Virginia (detachment): Ltc James Dayton
  • 12th West Virginia: Col William B. Curtis

     MG Julius Stahel

1st Brigade

   Col Andrew McReynolds

  • 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry: Maj Timothy Quinn
  • 1st New York Veteran Cavalry: Ltc John S. Platner
  • 21st New York Cavalry: Col William B. Tibbits
  • 2nd Maryland, Potomac Home Brigade: Maj Robert S. Mooney
2nd Brigade

   Col John Wynkoop

  • 15th New York Cavalry: Cpt Oscar R. Colgrove
  • 20th Pennsylvania: Ltc Gabriel Middleton
  • 22nd Pennsylvania (Ringgold Battalion) (detachment): Maj Henry Meyers
Horse Artillery
  • Battery G, 1st West Virginia Light Artillery (1 section): Lt Samuel Shearer

     Cpt Henry A. du Pont

  • Battery B, 1st Maryland Light Artillery: Cpt Alonzo Snow
  • 30th New York Independent Battery: Cpt Alfred Von Kleiser
  • Battery D, 1st West Virginia Light Artillery: Cpt John Carlin
  • Battery B, 5th United States Artillery: Lt Charles Holman

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