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President's Guard
Active 30 October 2008 - Present
Country Sri Lanka
Branch Sri Lanka Army
Type Foot Guards
Role Close Protection
Size N/A
Regimental Centre N/A
Anniversaries 30 October
Engagements Sri Lankan Civil War
Major General K.J. Alwis

The President's Guard is a newly formed unit of the Sri Lanka Army. It is responsible for the security of the President of Sri Lanka along with the President's Security Division which is the close protection agency President. It is made up of personnel from other regiments and units assigned for President's protection.


Prior to the formation of the President's Guard, army personnel served as a squadron under the President's Security Division since 1996 and focused on key tasks including the perimeter security of Presidential residence, Temple Trees. 5th Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps was the first army unit chosen to be in the dedicated security of the President of Sri Lanka during the presidency of Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. Lieutenant Kushan Perera spearheaded the close protection team of Kumaratunga during her visit to the United States and the United Kingdom. Later the strength of the unit was increased with personnel from the Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment and the Gajaba Regiment.

After the unit's formation in 2008 all army personnel came under the command of this unit independent from the President's Security Division which is primarily made up of and commanded by Police personnel.[1] This unit has participated in the Independence Day and victory day parades of 2009.

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Preceded by
Mechanized Infantry Regiment
Order of Precedence Succeeded by
Commando Regiment

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