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A program executive officer, or PEO, is one of a few key individuals in the United States military acquisition process. As can be seen from the examples below, a program executive officer may be responsible for a specific program (e.g., the Joint Strike Fighter), or for an entire portfolio of similar programs (e.g., the Air Force PEO for space, who is responsible for all acquisition programs at the Air Force Space Command Space and Missile Systems Center, or the Navy PEO for aircraft carriers).

The current program executive officers include (but may not be limited to):

Army[edit | edit source]

Each of the Army PEOs direct the Acquisition Executive's lines of effort, such as Ground combat systems.[2][3] In 2016 Maj. Gen. Dave Bassett was PEO GCS[4][5][6] The PEOs work closely with the directors of Cross-functional teams of the Army's Futures command.

Note: In 2018 MG Bassett became PEO C3T — (Program Executive Office Command Control Communications-Tactical)
  • Ammunition[7] BG Alfred Abramson, PEO AMMO[1] (renamed Joint PEO Armaments and Ammunition)[8] Picatinny Arsenal
  • Aviation[9] BG Thomas Todd, PEO AVN[1] Redstone Arsenal
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense[10] Doug Bryce, JPEO CBD[1] Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
  • Combat Support & Combat Service Support[11] Tim Goddette, PEO CS & CSS[1] Warren, MI
  • Command Control and Communications (Tactical)[12] MG Dave Bassett, PEO C3T[1] Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
  • Enterprise Information Systems[13] Cherie Smith, PEO EIS[1] Fort Belvoir
  • Ground Combat Systems[14] MG Brian Cummings, PEO GCS[1] Warren, MI
  • Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors[15][16] MG Kirk Vollmecke, PEO IEW&S[1] Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
  • Missiles and Space[17] BG Robert Rasch, PEO Missiles & Space[1] Redstone Arsenal
  • Rapid Capabilities (RCO) Tanya Skeen, PEO RCO[1] (Skeen has now moved to DoD, late 2018).[18] In 2019 RCO became the Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) The Pentagon, headed by MG L. Neil Thurgood, lately of ASA(ALT)'s Army Hypersonics office.[19]
  • Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation[20] BG Michael Sloane, PEO STRI[1] Orlando, FL
  • Soldier[21] BG Anthony Potts, PEO Soldier[1] Fort Belvoir

Navy[edit | edit source]

Air Force[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]

  • Health Systems

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