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Noor and Qader missiles
Type Anti-ship cruise missile
Place of origin  Iran
Service history
Used by Iranian Navy
Revolutionary Guards

200 km
Flight altitude Sea-skimming

TELs for Noor/Qader missiles. The TEL can be disguised as a civilian truck.

The Qader is a medium-range anti-ship cruise missile developed by Iran. The missile called "Qader" (Able) is built indigenously by Iranian scientists and has a high destructive ability against coastal targets and warships[citation needed]. The missile, which was unveiled in August 2011,[1] has a range of 200 km[2][3][4] and is described by Iranian officials as "the most powerful and precise missile of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy"[4]

On 10 February 2013, The head of Iran Aviation Industries Organization announced that an air-launched version of Qader and Nasr-1 will be tested in a week.[5]

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