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Zahir Nejad (1924 in Ardabil - 21 October 1999) was a Major General in the Army of Iran after the 1979 revolution.

Zahirnejad began studies in the Military University (Imam Ali) in 1951. He retired from the army in 1973 as a Lieutenant Colonel. After the 1979 revolution he returned to the army at the beginning of the unrest in Kurdistan[when?] and in 1979 as commander of Division 64 of Urmia. In 1980 he was named as a Brigadier General to command the whole country's Gendarmerie and Army and on 9 October 1981 was named President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

During the Iran-Iraq war, his insistent implementation of classic combat commanders led to clashes with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, a unit which relies on the use of numerous small forces of infantry and armored equipment. He achieved the degree of Major General on the 6 November 1989. In 1999 he died of stroke.


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