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Queen Mary’s Technical Institute
Established 1917
Type Military
Location Pune, Maharashtra, India
Website Official Website

Queen Mary’s Technical Institute was founded in 1917 by Lady Marie Willingdon as Queen Mary’s Technical School for disabled soldiers.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Lady Marie Willingdon the wife of then Governor of Bombay founded the School in May 1917 to help thousands of Indian Soldiers in Bombay who had become disabled during World War 1. Later it moved to Pune in 1923. It was started with personal donation of rupees 10 Lakhs each from Queen Mary and Lady Marie Willingdon. Its name was changed from Queen Mary’s Technical school to Queen Mary’s Technical Institute in 1966.[2][3] It is run as a charitable educational institution and its trustees are ex Indian Army personnel.

Goals and objectives[edit | edit source]

Its admission is open to disabled personnel of the Indian army and other Paramilitary forces. It provides vocational training to disabled personnel to help them be self-sufficient and helps them reintegrate into the mainstream and help them earn a livelihood independently.[4][5]

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