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QuikClot is an antihemorrhagic/hemostatic agent produced by Z-Medica.

It was originally available as a powder to be poured directly on a wound to stem bleeding. It absorbs the water in the blood, thus increasing its already present clotting capabilites, while also activating platelets.

Its main component is zeolite. Heat is realesed during the clotting process, which can cause second degree burns. Because of this QuickClot is not available for retail but is only used in emergency scenarios, such as in combat. To lessen burning risk, newer formulas come pre-hydrated, which produce less heat, but also have decreased coagilation capacity.

Using zeolite as a clotting agent was discovered by Frank Hursey (Z-Medica co-founder) in 1984.[1] Following the September 11 attacks the US armed forces conducted a series of tests comparing different antihemorragic technologies, in which QuickClot got the best score.[2][3] Following these tests, the US armed forces approved its use in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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