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RAF Barkway

Ensign of the Royal Air Force United States Air Forces in Europe

Barkway, Near Royston, Hertfordshire
Type Non Flying Military Communications
Coordinates Latitude: 52.009722
Longitude: 0.001944
Built 1941
In use 1942-2011
Ministry of Defence
Controlled by Royal Air Force
United States Air Force Europe

Royal Air Force Station Barkway or RAF Barkway was one the smallest RAF stations in the UK. It was a Communications Station and was a small collection of buildings and a large radio mast.[1][2]


It was originally opened as a monitor station on 22 June 1942 for the Gee (navigation) network in the Eastern area.

The site was used by the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE).[3] It was part of communications network linking:

In September 2008 the station was broken into by a BASE jumper who climbed the mast and then jumped off and deployed his parachute.[4]

Current useEdit

The site was sold in early 2011 as surplus to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) requirements.

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