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RAF Barton Bendish
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Air Force
Service history
Active 1939 – 1941
Role Bomber Command
Colors Ensign of the Royal Air Force

RAF Barton Bendish was an airfield for the Royal Air Force located on the far side of the Downham Market to Swaffham road from its parent station, RAF Marham. It was built because at the outbreak of the Second World War it was considered important for bomber stations to have a satellite airfield. The only aircraft known to have operated out of Barton Bendish were Vickers Wellington bombers from Marham. It was abandoned in 1941, as it was considered too close to the parent station to be developed further.

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Coordinates: 52°36′36″N 0°32′24″E / 52.61°N 0.54°E / 52.61; 0.54

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