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Royal Air Force Barton Hall

Ensign of the Royal Air Force

near Barton, Lancashire, England
Type Headquarters
Coordinates Latitude: 53.8194
Longitude: -2.7289
Built 1786 (1786)
In use 1940–1975
Open to
the public

RAF Barton Hall was an RAF base situated between the villages of Barton and Broughton, near Preston, Lancashire, England.[1]

Post WW2 Barton Hall was the site of the Preston Air Traffic Control Centre which provided the Area Control service between N52.30 and N55.00, with London ATCC (at Heathrow and later West Drayton) to the South and Scottish ATCC (at Prestwick) to the North. The unit closed in 1975, its task having been absorbed by London ATCC and Manchester Sub-centre situated at Manchester Airport.


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