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Royal Air Force Bempton
Ensign of the Royal Air Force
Located near Bempton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Coordinates Latitude: 54.1499
Longitude: -0.1778
Built 1940 (1940)
In use 1940 - 1972
Open to
the public

RAF Bempton was an RAF airfield during the First World War situated at Bempton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, 6 miles north of Bridlington. During the Second World War it was a radar station.

Operational historyEdit

  • The site was established in February 1940 as RAF Flamborough Head, but was renamed by the end of that year. It was a GCI station which disbanded on 1 August 1945.
  • 1945 - Air Ministry Experimental Station Type 31
  • 1 June 1949, established as a CHL/CHEL radar station.
  • 17 February 1950 - transferred to RAF Fighter Command. On 1 November 1951 it was renamed as 146 Signals Unit Bempton and rebuilt as part of the ROTOR Programme.
  • The 146 Signals Unit was disbanded on 1 December 1961
  • Bempton became a satellite station of RAF Patrington until final closure in April 1972

Current useEdit

The site was sold in 1980/81 and is now privately owned.


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