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Coordinates: 52°48′6″N 0°40′32″W / 52.80167°N 0.67556°W / 52.80167; -0.67556 RAF Buckminster was a Royal Air Force base that was located approximately one mile northeast of Buckminster, Leicestershire, within the boundary of Lincolnshire.[1]


The base opened in September 1916 and was finally closed in 1919. During its time, a flight of No. 38 Squadron and all of No. 90 Squadron RAF were stationed at the base. After No. 90 Squadron was disbanded the base was home to an aircraft acceptance park until the site closed.

RAF Buckminster todayEdit

There is no sign of the base today, with the site being given back over to agriculture. An approx. GPS location is 52°48′6″N 0°40′32″W / 52.80167°N 0.67556°W / 52.80167; -0.67556 as per Google Earth.[2]

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