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RAF Drytree
Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall
Ensign of the Royal Air Force
Type Chain Home radar station
Coordinates Latitude:
Height 4x 360 feet (110 m) transmitter masts
Royal Air Force
Open to
the public

RAF Dry Tree was an early warning station for detecting enemy aircraft during the Second World War. It was located on Goonhilly Downs, on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, a short distance to the south east of the Goonhilly Earth Station.

Its purpose was detecting aircraft approaching South Cornwall and the Western Approaches. It had had four 360 feet (110 m) transmitter masts and two 240 ft (73 m)wooden receiver masts.[1] Its existence was only revealed after the war had ended. Most of the station was destroyed in the early 1960s to make way for the satellite communication station.

Some buildings and structures still exist and are located within a nature reserve.

The nerve centre was the receiver block which now has public access to the roof, giving excellent views across the Downs. Other buildings and structures which were part of RAF Dry Tree can also be seen.


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