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RAF Fullarton
Ensign of the Royal Air Force
Fullarton, Ayrshire, Scotland
Type Royal Air Force station
Coordinates Latitude: 55.586
Longitude: -4.649
Built 1940 (1940)
In use 1940-1950 (1950)
Air Ministry
Controlled by Ensign of the Royal Air Force.svg Royal Air Force
Battles/wars Second World War

RAF Fullarton was a Royal Air Force Ground Control Intercept station, situated in Ayrshire, Scotland.


RAF Fullarton was established during the Second World War and initially consisted of mobile vans, but was later upgraded to a stage 2 station with operations blocks made out of brick.[1] The station was never fully updated and remained an intermediate station.[1]

The station closed at the end of the war and was placed on care and maintenance until the early 1950s when the site was selected for the ROTOR programme, as RAF Gailes.[1]


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